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Greetings to all of you

from Brooks Permissions! 


As we know, 2020 has been an overall difficult year for the world, in general. From pandemics & world catastrophes to great losses & stances on injustice in any form, this year has made an impact on the general population of the world in ways that none of us expected. 


Thus, The Whirlwind Project was born: an initiative where YOU, as supporters of Brooks Permissions, could be an asset to our overall mission: the Continued Relevance of Gwendolyn Brooks.  When we started The Whirlwind Project at the beginning of August, we knew it was our only opportunity to survive the already raging troubles of 2020. It was the only shot that we, as a small business, had in order to keep our doors open.

The Goal:


1000 copies of SEASONS: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience 

purchased for enlightenment, gifts or donations.

At the end of The Whirlwind Project, the final number of books purchased was:


If you've been in ANY way an asset to the success of this campaign, we owe you our sincerest gratitude. It is because of YOU that the Brooks Permissions mission can continue to move forward in ways that were only dreams. Even though we didn't reach 1000, you help has given us heaps of encouragement to move forward. You have breathed new life into a Black-owned & operated enterprise. You've shown us that Gwendolyn Brooks is still an important name in the course of Historic Black excellence.


You have Bought Books and Saved Brooks!   


Now, we'd like to keep you informed as to what's next. There's soooo much coming up in the next few months & we want you along for the ride. Please, if you haven't done so already, follow us on our social media pages:


  • Instagram: BrooksPermissions

  • Twitter: #BrooksPermits


Stay engaged with us as we prepare to launch new projects and experiences with YOU in mind! Again (and we can't say this enough): 


for helping us "Continue the Relevance" of

Gwendolyn Brooks.

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