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Wendy's Words: Penitent

Wendy has been hard at work, searching through Gwendolyn Brooks Poems for new words to share with you!

Today's word is "Penitent" and comes from a poem published in 1963's Selected Poems. How does this word relate to or affect you? Tell us in the comments below!

A Penitent Considers Another Coming Of Mary

For Reverend Theodore Richardson

If Mary came would Mary Forgive, as Mothers may, And sad and second Saviour Furnish us today?

She would not shake her head and leave This military air, But ratify a modern hay, And put her Baby there.

Mary would not punish men— If Mary came again.

All works by Gwendolyn Brooks are copyrighted. They may be shared on personal social media sites ONLY. All other uses (professional, for profit, etc.) require written permission from Brooks Permissions at


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