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Wendy's Words: Aurora

This is Wendy, and her two favorite things are Gwendolyn Brooks and New Words! She loves sharing new words with new friends!

Today's word is "Aurora" and comes from a poem of the same name! Have you heard this word before? How does this word relate to or affect you? Tell us in the comments below!


We who are weak and wonderful, wicked, bewildered, wistful and wild

are saying direct Good mornings through the fever.

It is the giant-hour.

Nothing less than gianthood will do:

nothing less that mover, prover, shover, cover, lever, diver,

for giant tacklings, overturnings, new

organic staring

that will involve, that will involve us all.

We say direct Good-mornings through the fever. across the brooding obliques, the somersaults, ashes, across the importances stylishly killed: across the edited bias. the waffling of woman. the structured rejection of blackness. Ready for ways. windows: remodeling spirals; closing the hot cliches. Unwinding witchcraft. Opening to sun. - Gwendolyn Brooks

All works by Gwendolyn Brooks are copyrighted. They may be shared on personal social media sites ONLY. All other uses (professional, for profit, etc.) require written permission from Brooks Permissions at


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