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Mixed Bag Monday presents Point-of-Impact

Often, when I’m out and about, people tell me stories about the first time they met my mother or the first time they read one of her works. The experiences are varied and fascinating. The team decided that would be a great addition to Mixed-Bag Mondays. We hope you’ll share your memories of your first meeting or reading.

"The first time I met Gwendolyn Brooks was after a performance at Kuumba Theatre. I was acting in a show with her daughter Nora who had become a good friend. Nora introduced me to her mother after a show. During my conversation with Gwendolyn Brooks, I was in awe. She complimented me on my performance and I thought I would melt inside. She then invited me over for dinner. As the days approached our scheduled dinner, with people that would become my second family, I became excessively nervous. What would I say? What would I wear? Would she like me? The list went on and on.

The dinner day arrived. As I entered her home it felt warm and comfortable. The atmosphere of her home carried the essence of her personality.  We laughed and talked as we ate the delicious meal she had prepared. The thing I remember most was how I could be myself."

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