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Welcome to The Gwendolyn Connection Blog!

It’s our first day in Blog-land and we, the Brooks Permissions team plan to get you hooked on the wide range of activities and information we have in store. It's time to "get bloggy with it!"

Here’s how we’ll break down the week:


  • Bloggers-for-a-Day

  • Did-You-Knows

  • Point of Impact: You tell us how you met GB or her work)

  • Mama-rabilia: the occasional memory from Nora about her mother

and so much more.

You’ll never know what’s coming next!


  • Wendy’s Words: Special GB words from Wendy (our little girl from Graphic Gwendolyn)

  • Puzzle Place: crossword puzzles using words from GB’s life and work;

  • poetic words and phrases to ponder;

  • short quotes breathlessly awaiting your commentary; and other things, too.


  • An incredible opportunity to explore a single work!

  • We’ll post a poem or a prose excerpt.

  • You get to respond by any art necessary!

-Interpret it

-Share a poem or visual interpretation of yours that fits the theme

-Submit a video of you dancing or singing in response to the work

React in whatever way works for you!

This is a community designed to address a 21st century world and how it connects to Gwendolyn Brooks and to you. We’re looking forward to getting great input from all of our neighbors. Let’s get started!

Your Thoughts, Please!

1️⃣ We’re going to donate bundles of 10-25 copies of the introductory issue of Graphic Gwendolyn to educators and facilitators at schools, shelters, hospitals, etc. What places would you like us to consider for the list? Post below!!

2️⃣ We’re finalizing our selections for the first full volume of Graphic Gwendolyn (5 issues, February-June, 2020). We’re looking at works which are suitable for adults and young adults. What pieces would you like us to consider? Got an extra minute? Tell us why.

Thanks for participating. See you on Wednesday!

-The BP Team

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